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As customer experience experts, we know performance is vital to your business. CardBoard gives you the key information of your customer experience continuously updated, in the sexiest way possible. You can design the screen yourself, allowing you to monitor, in real-time, exactly what’s important. With connectors to platforms like Genesys PureConnect and Mitel, we offer a unique insight in the status of your customer service.

That is CardBoard: your customer contact’s heartbeat monitor, configured by you.


Display the key performance indicators of your customer experience. No one knows better what those are than you, so choose them yourself.


Create your own dashboards: you not only decide what to show, but how you show it, too. Use graphs, numbers, and images to design stunning dashboards.


With the real-time information CardBoard provides, you have the perfect way to stay informed and in control of your business.


CardBoard connects with multiple customer experience platforms like Genesys PureConnect and Mitel, and can be displayed on both big screens and mobile devices.


In the ever-changing world of customer experience, you will have to be able to adapt quickly. CardBoard lets you do that, by changing its design at any time.


You can create any number of dashboards: whether you need hundreds or only one, CardBoard is the way to go. See our prices section for more information.

Our customers

In customer contact, you want to know exactly how many customers are waiting for you to answer the phone or reply to their messages. You want to see at all times how many of your employees have nothing on their hands. And you want to be sure that you are achieving your goals.

CardBoard is the cloud solution for every organization that values these matters highly and for every professional who wants to monitor these key performance indicators easily, accurate and real-time. The information you need for that is present in the systems you use, but hard to display. For Genesys PureConnect and Mitel, CardBoard makes this simple and easy.

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Our team about CardBoard

Every member of the CardBoard team has years of experience in either customer contact or software development. As a result, we know our customers, know which developments to expect and know how to face them head on.

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